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Si ya tramitaste exitosamente la visa de Working Holiday para Nueva Zelanda y tenés estudios o experiencia en hoteleria / gastronomía, en InterLatina te damos la posibilidad de viajar con una oferta de trabajo asegurada



LOCATION:         Auckland

POSITIONS:        3 Food and Beverage; 2 Front Desk ; 4 Culinary

DETAILS:         August start dates have at least 6-12 months experience in relevant areas


·       CityLife

LOCATION:         Auckland, NZ

POSITIONS:      3 Food and Beverage; 2Housekeeping

DETAILS:         August start dates 12 month internship. Relevant experience a plus.


·       QUEST napier

LOCATION:       Napier, NZ

POSITIONS:      3 Operations Intern

DETAILS:         This role will be a general overview of all aspects of the hospitality business from Front desk to sales and payroll.  This is a 12 month internship.


·       Waldrof apartments

LOCATION:       Auckland, NZ

POSITIONS:      4 Operations Intern

DETAILS: As an intern with Waldorf you will be working on several departments:

- Front desk

- Housekeeping

- Reservations/Sales Agent

This is a 12 month internship. Start dates beginning June /July


·       HILTON

LOCATION:         Auckland, NZ

POSITIONS:        4 Food and Beverage

DETAILS: Must have 12 months experience in a F+B role.

This is a 12 month internship. Start dates beginning August/September




v     Eligibility at the moment is ONLY to each of the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and  United States of America

v     Aged 18-30

v     Able to apply for a Working Holiday Visa (check with New Zealand embassy)

v     Upper Intermediate - Advanced English Language Skill



Host properties hire throughout the year, therefore there is not an application deadline.  As soon as a hotel informs InterLatina  of an opening, we begin sending resumes to the hotel from our data base, therefore positions do fill quickly – but new opportunities become available weekly.  If your application is not already in the InterLatina  data base, it is important to mention the positions may be filled by the time the InterLatina  process is complete.  Therefore, please view this list to learn the type of positions available, hotels and locations.  



The work program can be anywhere in New Zealand. The minimum wage is at least 13 NZD per hour, but many positions are paid more. Payment is usually weekly, but some employers pay every two weeks. Payments are transferred into bank accounts, and participants need to have their own health insurance.


Taxes in New Zealand are as follows:


Taxable income


Income tax rates for every

$1 of taxable income

(excluding ACC earners' levy)


PAYE rates for every

$1 of taxable income

(including ACC earners' levy*)


Up to $14,000 NZD

10.5 cents

12.54 cents

From $14,001 to $48,000 NZD

17.5 cents

19.54 cents


Source: codes/itaxsalaryandwageincometaxrates.html

The Holiday pay is 8% (equivalent to 20 working days per year contract)


Cost of Housing

The majority of our host properties do not offer their own employee housing and the participant is expected to find their own housing.   Prior to arrival the AHA Placement partner and participant is in communication and the Placement Manager sends the participant information about housing options and visa processing in for the participant to begin securing housing before they arrive.


Number of Hours per Week

The average number of hours per week is 40 hours in high season and about 30 hours is low season, varying from location and position.


Travel Cost

Transportation to and from daily work schedule is the responsibility of the participant.  Most of the participants live close to the hotel so they are able to walk, ride a bicycle or take public transportation.


Transportation from airport to hotel is the responsibility of the participant - in most cases the placement partner will assist in organizing and in some cases assists with the cost.


Air Transportation is the responsibility of the participant.


Para mas información sobre la Working Holiday Hace click acá



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